Fair services

Child care

There is a child care facility on the fairgrounds, where children aged 2–7 can be left under the care of professional child minders for reading, playing or crafts while the parents tour the fairgrounds. The child care facility is at site no. 1. Phone: 020 7437 712. There is a child care room next to the child care facility at site no. 1. The child care is chargeable.

Doggy daycare

There is a dog-sitting services available, where dogs can be left to relax while touring the fairgrounds. The doggy daycare is located near the main entrance, just outside of the Housing Fair area.

First aid

In case of an accident, a first aid service is available to visitors at the end of the white exhibition hall. Phone: 020 7437 714.


An accessibility survey was conducted on the fairgrounds and the sites with the Threshold Association (Kynnys ry).

The survey results are available on the Housing Fair website and from the info desk on the fairgrounds.

Info desk

In any practical matters related to their visit, visitors may turn to the info desk, which is located at the corner of the white exhibition hall near the main entrance.

Housing Fair restaurants

Housing Fair visitors may nourish themselves at these restaurants:

Buffet restaurant Päämaja
Terassiravintola Kipinä
Bistro Casseli