Housing Fair Finland Co-op is a non-profit organisation. Therefore members of the co-operatives are not given any dividends. Any possible surplus is used to further the development of the organisation’s activities along with housing design and construction development projects.


  • The Finnish Housing Reform Association
  • OP Cooperative
  • Danske Bank Oyj
  • The Finnish Housing Association
  • Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
  • The Finnish Fair Foundation
  • Federation of Finnish Financial Services
  • The Finnish Savings Banks Association

Board of Directors

  • Timo Reina, chairman
  • Hannu Penttilä, vice chairman
  • Kimmo Rautiainen
  • Pekka Heikkinen
  • Hannu Laakso
  • Vesa Ijäs

Supervisory Board

  • Managinf Director Jukka Rantanen, chairman
  • Business Director Tony Vepsäläinen, 1st vice chairman
  • Managing Director Anni Vepsäläinen, 2nd vice chairman
  • Vice Mayor Anni Sinnemäki
  • Executive Vice President Hanna Tainio
  • Business Director Riikka Laine-Tolonen
  • deputy Director Jani Eloranta
  • Director Tuomo Vähätiitto