Kouvola 2019

Housing Fair area located within the historic Russian garrison area

The unique Housing Fair area of Pioneeripuisto will be located within the historic garrison area beside the River Kymijoki. The Russians originally established the garrison to protect the bridge that crossed the river on the rail track between Helsinki and St Petersburg. The building of the garrison area commenced in 1911. What has been preserved to this day of the original garrison are the red brick buildings which are characteristic of the area, and there are also many stories from bygone days, still constituting a significant part of the history of the area.

With the 2019 Housing Fair, the Pioneeripuisto area will convert into a new high-quality residential area and many new stories to tell. The specialty of the Housing Fair arranged in Kouvola is infill development that respects the existing building stock and the surrounding nature.

The rugged riverside sceneries along the adjacent River Kymijoki and long park-like views are part of the identity of the area. In Pioneeripuisto, the forest is a back yard shared by the inhabitants, where the old spruce trees are sure to have a calming effect. It is really worth your while to check all this out!