Operational Model

The principal function of the Housing Fair Finland Co-op is to improve the quality of housing and living conditions in Finland, in co-operation with our partners. This is achieved by providing information about housing issues and promoting industry standards and skills, as well as organizing the annual Housing Fair and Holiday Home Fair.

Both the Housing Fair and Holiday Home Fair are meeting points where consumers and producers are brought together. The fairs showcase the latest research in construction and housing related issues. This research produces practical applications that provide innovative examples and concrete visions of excellence in living/housing standards, for both consumers and professionals within the industry. The fairs provide the opportunity for designers and builders to try out innovative solutions in practice e.g. architectural and other industry related competitions constantly produce a wealth of new ideas for improvements in housing and living conditions

Always a joint project

Housing Fair Finland Co-op always works in co-operation with each host municipality to run the annual fair. Housing Fair Finland Co-op is responsible for general public services, technical issues related to the fair and marketing of the event.

The host municipality is responsible for the target area’s land use plan and public utilities timetable, along with the fair’s car parking.

The developers and builders are responsible for the completion of their own projects, their financing and any promotional material for the fair.

There is multi-faceted co-operation between the various related organisations, companies and the future residents of the area.