Seminars and workshops

Monday 3 September 2018

Kaupunkielämää/City Living – Living as a Service (Partly in English)

Digitalisation expands to all aspects of living, working and leisure time, so what is a city as a service? Traffic has become mobility and housing is becoming living. Mobility as a service reforms traffic in cities, while an even bigger change is coming as housing becomes living as a service.


Venue: Clarion Hotel, Tyynenmerenkatu 2, 00220 HELSINKI Date: Monday 3 September 2018, 12:00–16:00 Facilitator: Ville Tolvanen, CEO, Digitalist Group Oy

12:00 Opening of the seminar & workshop Esa Nettamo, Head of Design, Digitalist Group Oy                

12:10 City Living in Jätkäsaari Harri Tuomaala, CEO, Finnish Housing Fair

12:20 Digitalisation in Traffic – Mobility as a Service (English) Sampo Hietanen, CEO, MaaS Global

12:50 Digitalisation in Real Estate and Construction – Living as a Service (in English) Teemu Lehtinen, Chief Digital Officer, KIRAdigi                           

13:20 Questions, introduction to the workshop theme and activities

Questions, introduction to the workshop theme and activities

13:30-14:00 Coffee break and networking

14:00 WORKSHOP – Living as a Service (työpaja suomeksi/englanniksi; workshop in Finnish/English) Urban living in Jätkäsaari/Tuusula/Inkoo in 2030 – from location, location, location to location, content and community

15:15 Results of the workshop Comments by the panel

15:45–16:00 Closing remarks Ville Tolvanen, CEO, Digitalist Group Oy



Tuesday 4 September 2018

Think Tank –City Living in the Future

ARA hosts the Think Tank events, which will bring together representatives of the construction and real estate industries. The participants will discuss topical issues related to developments in the industry.


The Think Tank –City Living in the Future seminar will discuss completed, planned and under-construction state-subsidised (ARA) housing construction projects in Jätkäsaari. The seminar will also present future trends on urban living and compare these with the results of the Housing Fair customer survey. The seminar will cover research on new concepts of housing.



Venue: Clarion Hotel, Tyynenmerenkatu 2, 2nd floor meeting facilities Date: Tuesday 9 September, 12:00–14:00 Facilitators: Vesa Ijäs (ARA) and Kimmo Rönkä (Housing Fair Finland)


12:00 Opening Vesa Ijäs, Development Director, ARA Kimmo Rönkä, Future Living Specialist, Housing Fair Finland

12:05 Housing Fair Finland promoting future living Harri Tuomaala, Managing Director, Housing Fair Finland

12:20 ARA sites in Jätkäsaari Vesa Ijäs, Development Director, ARA Comment (tbc)

12:40 The Future of Urbane  – kaupunkiasumisen tulevaisuuden trendejä Virpi Vaittinen, Lead Design Strategist & Futurist, Futurice Oy

13:00 How do Finns live – what kind of changes are they willing to face? Kari Tervonen, Development Manager, Housing Fair Finland

13:20 Urban planning for achieving affordable solutions Jyrki Tarpio, Postdoctoral Researcher, and Tommi Teronen, Project Researcher (the KARKIT research project), Tampere University of Technology Comment (tbc)

13:40 Discussion and summary of the event

14:00 End of event


Wednesday 5 September 2018

Communities and co-housing (Partly in English)

Co-housing has lately attracted more interest in Finland. Communal housing schemes offer solutions to challenges such as care, time management, loneliness and employment opportunities. Not all facilities for everyday functions need to be located inside individual flats. Meeting facilities, saunas, gyms, laundry rooms and even home theatres and workshops could all be shared by residents. This also saves money as it is possible to produce better facilities at lower costs per square metre than could be done if everyone had their own facilities.

The quantity and quality of the facilities vary in different spaces, as does the level of communality. Even if people are more interested in community-based housing solutions, the current basic housing structures seldom provide this option. Joint building ventures have been a way to produce more resident-oriented, community-based housing options. The loft conversion concept also offers promising alternatives.

The aim of this expert seminar is to discuss communal housing solutions and experiences, to reflect on solutions for the future and possibly also to brainstorm new projects. The speakers and participants in the discussions include researchers of housing, leaders of joint building ventures, financiers, construction company representatives, planners and architects. The keynote speakers come from Central Europe: Architect Otto Höller from Vienna and Architect Oliver Scheifinger from Berlin. They are the head designers and partners at Taftakoo Architects.



Venue: Clarion Hotel, Tyynenmerenkatu 2, 00220 HELSINKI Date: Wednesday 5 September 2018, 12:00–16:00 Facilitator: Markus Laine, University of Tampere


12:00 Opening words, Agile Dwellers in Agile Cities Markus Laine, Senior Lecturer (PhD), University of Tampere

Keynote (in English)

12:10 New Co-housing Solutions in Vienna and Berlin Otto Höller and Oliver Scheifinger, architects, Tafkaoo architects


12:50–13:00 Coffee break and refreshments

Communality in residential buildings

13:00 Co-housing in the city and joint building ventures – challenges and resources Jenni Pit and Elina Alatalo, researchers, University of Tampere

13:20 Case Malta Salla Korpela, resident activist, As. Oy Malta

13:30 Case Annikki Anna Helamaa, researcher(?), University of Tampere

13:40 Case Tila Pia Ilonen, architect, Talli Arkkitehdit Oy


14:00 Multigenerational living Katja Maununaho, architect, Tampere University of Technology

14:10 Co-housing for senior citizens Outi Jolanki, PhD, Docent, University of Tampere

14:40 Cooperative model and communality Samuel Kopperoinen, Project Manager, FIRA Oy


14:40–15:00 Coffee break and refreshments

15:00–16:00 Panel and discussion on how to build in new ways Panel participants (tbc)

Dwellers in Agile Cities research project (Academy of Finland, Strategic Research Council project)

The Dwellers in Agile Cities  project explores urban development from the residents’ perspective. The basic idea is that residents should be seen as prime movers behind urban development. They are experts of their own lives, and cities will be better places when residents are engaged in urban development. The Enabling City subproject studies resident-driven solutions for housing, working and use of urban spaces.



Thursday 6 September 2018

Sustainable Urban Development – Kestävä kaupunkikehitys (Part 1 is in English)

More than half of the world’s population already live in cities. According to forecasts, the population in cities will increase by 3 billion people over the next 40 years. Urbanisation is a huge challenge. How can we ensure there is food, power, water and other natural resources for everyone? How can cities be made low-carbon or even carbon-neutral? How can they grow without damaging the ecosystems that are vital to the health of both humans and the environment? 

In April 2017, the Finnish government decided to launch a five-year national programme for sustainable urban development. The programme is inspired by other programmes such as the New Urban Agenda approved by the UN in 2016, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Urban Agenda for the EU. The programme’s implementation is being coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with cities and municipalities, and other partners invited to join the project include businesses, universities and civic society actors. The programme relies on experiential processes such as tangible pilot projects.


The Ministry of the Environment has prepared a sustainable urban development programme in collaboration with cities and other partners. The purpose of the programme is to collect and create models to solve the challenges of sustainable urban development that are accessible to all cities. The event, to be held in Jätkäsaari, will feature renowned speakers from both Finland and abroad as well as brainstorming and networking opportunities.



Venue: Clarion Hotel, SkyBar (16th floor), Tyynenmerenkatu 2, 00220 HELSINKI

Date: Thursday 6 September 2018,  9:30–16:00

Facilitator: Ivan Puopolo



9:30 Opening of the seminar

9:45 Towards Sustainable Urban Development Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing

10:00 European Perspectives to Sustainability – keynote Monica von Schmalensee, Rådet för hållbara städer, Chair (Sweden) Peter Ramsden, Thematic Pole Manager, URBACT,  (UK) Andreas Tveteraas, Oslo, climate budget (Norway) (tbc)

11:00 Panel Discussion Monica von Schmalensee, Rådet för hållbara städer Peter Ramsden, Thematic Pole Manager, URBACT, Andreas Tveteraas, climate budget, Oslo,  (Norway Anni Sinnemäki, Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing Mari Vaattovaara, Professor, Director, Urban Institute, University of Helsinki (tbc)

12:00–12:45       Lunch


12:45 Introduction to the Sustainable Urban Development programme Ministry of the Environment/Gaia

12:55 Presentation of the first pilot projects Joint presentation by the cities of Tampere, Kuopio and Jyväskylä

13:10 Panel discussion about the challenges in Finnish cities Pasi Laitala, Director of Sustainable Development, City of Espoo Johanna Luukkonen, Mayor, City of Laitila Kauko Aronen, Director of Urban Research, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities Oili Maijala, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of the Environment Jaakko Blomberg, activist, Yhteismaa

14:00 Moving downstairs to the workshop space, coffee break

14:30–15:45 Workshop – towards the first batch of challenges Facilitator: Gaia Consulting

16:00 Networking and other Housing Fair programme



Friday 9 September 2018


Housing Reform Helsinki – Housing 2020, the architecture and innovation competition, will be announced on 3 September 2018. The opening seminar for the competition will be held on 7 September from 12:00–16:00 in the Sitra Auditorium in Ruoholahti. The seminar will feature speeches about housing trends in Europe and new types of wooden housing. The speakers are from Zurich, Berlin and Copenhagen. The seminar will end with the presentation of the Housing Reform Helsinki – Housing 2020 competition sites.


Date: 9 September 2018, 12:00-16:00

Venue: Sitra Auditorium, Ruoholahti

Facilitator: Eero Lundén, architect, Lundén Architecture Company

12:00 Opening words 

Anni Sinnemäki, Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki

Architectural lectures: Topical themes in housing and wooden construction from Berlin, Zürich and Copenhagen

12:10–12:50 Learning from Zurich Tommi Mäkynen, architect, Helsinki Zürich Office, Zürich

12:50–13:30 Housing in Berlin in the 21st century Christoph Roedig, architect, Roedig Schop Architekten, Berlin

13:30–14:00 Coffee break and discussions

14:00-14:40 Urban wooden housing Markus Lager, architect, Kaden+Lager, Berlin

14:40–15:20 COBE – Housing projects N.N. / Copenhagen

15:20–16:00 Presentation of the Housing Reform Helsinki – Housing 2020 competition sites