Information on Mikkeli

Mikkeli is located in the heart of the Finnish lake district in South Savo, two hours by car from the capital city. The Saimaa lake region has soothed and charmed tourists for centuries. Many have purchased a summer cottage in the area.

The city was established in 1838, but its history of habitation starts with the dwellings of Stone Age humans over 10,000 years ago. Mikkeli, also known as the headquarters city of the Finnish Army during WWII, is an important administrative centre. The region is known for its traders and military history, but it also interests the friends of local food and natural attractions around the world.

5 tips for a successful trip: 

  1. Remember the boat ride to the fair either coming or going
  2. Our additional locations include Kenkävero, the Mikkelipuisto Park and the Cultural Centre Tempo – souvenirs, food and programme
  3. The Mikkeli market square – the wonderful design shops and cafés at the city centre
  4. The Headquarters – or the Infantry Museum – after all, in 2017 we celebrate the centenary of Finnish independence!
  5. Naisvuori summer theatre or the Visulahti Theme Park