Group visits to the Housing Fair

The price of a group ticket to the Housing Fair is €16/person (normally €25/person) for groups with 15 members at minimum. The group ticket requires the whole group to arrive at the fair at the same time. The bus driver can visit the fair for free.

The group tickets are reserved in advance and redeemed from the group ticket counter no. 6 at the fair gate. You can pay by invoice, card or cash. If they wish, smaller groups can get their tickets in a single package from the fair area ticket sales point.

Fair presentations for groups

We offer groups an opportunity to reserve a fair presentation included in the ticket price; the presentation is either 10 or 30 minutes long.

10-minute presentations by the guide are held at the fair information point near the fair gate. The 30-minute presentations are held either in the AsukasAreena at the centre of the fair area or in group facilities in connection with or close to the AsukasAreena, depending on the size of the group.

Group presentations are also held for groups with less than 15 people. Upon request, the presentation can be held in Swedish or English.