The price of a group ticket, with a minimum group size of 15 people, is 16 € per person. The group ticket requires the whole group to enter at the same time.

Those buying a group ticket and groups arriving with a customer invitation card are asked to register beforehand using the electronic group registration form below.

A group coordinator confirms all reservations by email or by telephone.

When arriving at the Fair, groups should report at the group ticket booth by the main gate. The group leader confirms the final group size and signs for the Fair tickets to be invoiced. Most common debit and credit cards and cash are also accepted.

Fair presentations for groups

Groups can choose either a 30-minute or 10-minute free Fair presentation.

The 30-minute presentations focusing on the Housing Fair and Seinäjoki area mainly take place in Fair area. The group coordinator gives the location of the presentation in the confirmation message.

The 10-minute presentations about the Housing Fair are held by a guide at the information desk of the Fair area.

Group presentations can also be held for groups of under 15 people. The presentations can also be held in English or Swedish.

For further information, please contact:

Group coordinator

Annika Pollari
[email protected]
phone: +358 40 703 8163

Group registration form

This form can be used to make a group reservation for the Seinäjoki Housing Fair. The price of a ticket for groups of over 15 people is 16 € per person. The final group size and the total sum will be confirmed at the ticket booth.

The group coordinator will confirm the reservation and the time of the presentation.

  • PP slash KK slash VVVV
  • :
    The 30 min presentations can be booked hourly starting at 10:10. The last presentation starts at 16:30. The groups should enter the fair area at least half an hour before their presentation.
    See the presentation content here.
  • Further information: The group coordinator confirms the suitability of the presentation time for your group’s contact person. Group Coordinator Linda Asikainen, tel. +358 40 129 4914 [email protected]
  • Method of payment for the admission tickets

  • Kenttä on validointitarkoituksiin ja tulee jättää koskemattomaksi.